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Old Hat Press is proud to announce our latest book release.

UNKINDNESSES is a collection of poems by Friday Gretchen.


“If we know anything at all about life in America, we know obsession permeates our collective psyche, it’s the water we drink: love, desire, addiction, pleasure, the body, aging. If Bukowski had a damaged daughter, a long-legged, sexy, forthright daughter who knows how to throw back her head and laugh hard enough to spit up her own heart, Friday Gretchen is she.”

-   Marsha de la O (Black Hope, Every Ravening Thing)


UNKINDNESSES [$15.95] is available to order on Amazon. Or you can request it for order through Barnes & Noble or your local retailer. It is a stunning work.

SEXTING Book Launch Press Release

Old Hat Press


ISBN: 978-1534639348

Page Count: 114

Release Date: March 27, 2017

Price: 15.95


“On these pages is freedom. On these pages is self-determination. On these pages is a big boner for life. And that’s what we need right about now.”

Joe Donnelly, Journalist, Deputy editor [2002-2008], LA WEEKLY, Co-founder, SLAKE: LOS ANGELES

“This collection of poems are human, smart and earthbound, they shoot the moon and unlike some poets and poetry, remain accessible in the process.”

S.A. Griffin, Poet, Author of DREAMS GONE MAD WITH HOPE

LOS ANGELES – SEXTING is a revelatory book of poems written by Christian Elder. It explores sex, love, race, and disconnection in the digital age. Sometimes humorous, the poems walk through a sensual landscape littered with the bedevilments of our hyperreal culture. Theses are dark meditations about the addictive distractions that isolate the human experience and through examination reveal the viscera of life and love.


About the Author:

Christian Elder has been featured on KXLU's Echo In The Sense and KPFK's Poets Cafe. He has performed at Lollapalooza and his publishing credits include: Art/Life Magazine, The Saturday Afternoon Journal, Lummox, and Coiled Serpent: Poets Arising from the Cultural Quakes & Shifts of Los Angeles. He also represented the Coiled Serpent anthology with Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez [the Editor], reading his work on stage at the 2016 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

Book Soup | Friday, May 12th, 2017 at 7pm

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RSVP: info@oldhatpress.org

Old Hat Press enters into independent press publishing with the release of SEXTING by Christian Elder [Press founder]. SEXTING's editor, Friday Gretchen [writer/poet/editor], will host the Book Launch. 

Press Contact: Kara Duffus visualartsbykara@gmail.com (310) 614-0767

SEXTING on Amazon: Buy it Now!

Old Hat Press is proud to announce our inaugural book release.

SEXTING is a book of poems by Christian Elder. It pairs desires and social issues with our era of new media and digital devices. It will make you think and laugh and it will certainly shock you.

A book launch event will soon be announced as well, but until then SEXTING [$15.95] is available to order on Amazon. Or you can request it for order through Barnes & Noble or your local retailer. It will enthrall you.

Please return here to our website for details of our coming publications. Currently we have a title from writer Garland Lee Thompson Jr. in the works, due for release later this year.