By Friday Gretchen
By Christian Elder

Foreword by Enid Osborn (When the Big Wind Comes and Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara, California 2017-2019)


ISBN: 9781093967807

The poems of UNKINDNESSES fly in the realm of the quotidian and the extraordinary. Page by page, the language multiplies the landscape, keeps adding perspectives and sometimes condenses all meaning in a single image.

No one resonates with the corvid’s singular beauty or its black, comic heart as she does. But let me be clear: UNKINDNESSES is not a book about birds. It is a big story, written in shifting scenarios, about a heart’s journey. The voice is unmistakably female, unmistakably modern, full of conundra. And the unkindnesses are, as often as not, her own.

- Enid Osborn


Foreword by Joe Donnelly (Slake: Los Angeles, co-founder, co-editor, LA Weekly, deputy editor 2002-2008)


ISBN: 9781534639348

SEXTING is a revelatory book of poems written by Christian Elder. It explores sex, love, race, and disconnection in the digital age. Sometimes humorous, the poems walk through a sensual landscape littered with the bedevilments of our hyperreal culture. These are dark meditations about the addictive distractions that isolate the human experience and through examination reveal the viscera of life and love. 
“On these pages is freedom. On these pages is self-determination. On these pages is a big boner for life. And that’s what we need right about now.”  
- Joe Donnelly
“This collection of poems are human, smart and earthbound, they shoot the moon and unlike some poets and poetry, remain accessible in the process.” 
- S.A. Griffin, Poet, Author of Dream Gone Mad With Hope

I’ll beat him so bad he’ll need a shoehorn to put his hat on.
— Muhammad Ali